Shruti Mangaaysh | Case Study

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Brand Identity Refresh for a celebrity fashion brand

Client: Shruti Mangaaysh Couture

Location: FC Road, Pune

Year: 2019

Work Type: Freelance

Services: Logo Refresh, Brand Positioning, Brand Collateral, Social Media

a brief background

The Shruti Mangaaysh label, that once started out in a small homely outlet had recently moved out into a princely retail store on the prime streets of Pune. They approached me to help uplift their existing Brand Identity and to help them reposition themselves as a premium brand.


After the first meeting with Shruti and Mangesh Mahadev, I realised that I was working alongside two brilliant fashion designers. The Shruti Mangaaysh label was home to hundreds of awards and honours that they had received for their illustrious range of products and designs. Sometime by the fourth meeting, I had gained substantial clarity into their business, their requirements and the scope of work for this particular project.

The old Shruti Mangaaysh Logo. Image courtesy of the client.
  • A brief research indicated that brand identity, when isolated from the in-store customer experience, was interpreted as ‘local’ and unprofessional, when in fact their work was nationally celebrated and they had experience of over 12 years.
  • The existing logo was neither optimised for print nor for screens and they often faced problems while using it on both media.
  • It was specifically pointed out by the client, that at major events where they would often showcase their work, their logo seemed generic and often was not easily distinguishable.
  • Even though the Shruti Mangaaysh brand had catered to the needs of the Indian customer for years, they had not considered the possibility of a multilingual Brand Identity.
scope of work
  • After an extensive discussion with the client, it was decided that I would redraw the same logogram to better optimise it for both print and screen use.
  • We would reconsider the brand typeface to suit their new needs.
  • The Devanagari script is used by over 120 different languages in India, including Hindi and Marathi languages which are the most commonly spoken languages in Maharashtra. With this in mind, we decided to create a Devanagari supplement to the new logo upon it’s finalisation.
  • We would then conclude the project with the required brand collaterals.

Old logogram – Unfinished & raw curves that don’t print well at small sizes
New logogram – Redrawn from scratch with careful attention to detail, makes the details visible on both, paper and screen
A playful modern typeface for headings.
A rather serious workhorse carefully chosen to supplement the Primary Font—
and also includes a lengthy Devanagari Glyph-set.
Inspired by the colours found in the Turquoise stone, the brand colours are young and exclusive
Variations in the logo to use in different available sizes

Through this comprehensive process of design, the new Shruti Mangaaysh identity was carefully positioned as a premium, quirky yet festive brand that would appeal to both youngsters and middle-agers alike.