Shruti Mangaaysh

the following is a quick peek at the project output. in case you’re interested to see a detailed case-study, click here.

Client: Shruti Mangaaysh Couture

Location: FC Road, Pune

Year: 2019

Work Type: Freelance

Services: Logo Refresh, Brand Positioning, Brand Collateral, Social Media

a brief background

The Shruti Mangaaysh label, that once started out in a small homely outlet had recently moved out into a princely retail store on the prime streets of Pune. They approached me to help uplift their existing Brand Identity and to help them reposition themselves as a premium brand.

Old Logo. Image courtesy of the client.
The new identity that is both young & professional, festive & vibrant
Old Logogram vs. New Logogram
Variations of the logo with the Devanagari counterparts that make the Brand more accessible locally