Nova AR Calendar

A high-tech, augmented reality powered art calendar about legends of India from various fields

Year: 2020

Work type: Self-Initiated, Collaboration

The Nova Calendar was a self-initiated self-funded collaborative project conceptualised by Anushri Desai and me, and was a large collaboration among ten individuals. We explored end-to-end retail product development cycle over the span of ten weeks.

The Nova Calendar is an augmented reality powered inspirational art calendar that features 12 legendary Indian personalities from various fields. The project was an attempt to combine the forces of art, design and technology to make boring age-old information both interesting and relevant for today’s youth.

Take a closer look at the high-tech Calendar with the 3D AR viewer!

  • Hold and drag to move
  • Scroll-in-out for zoom

Open the website on your smartphone to activate live AR!

PS— AR support is a feature of the phone and is also dependent on the browser. If the phone supports AR, the latest Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox & Microsoft Edge browsers provide excellent AR preview!

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In this massive undertaking, I was responsible for product ideation, product planning, team management, art direction, designing for augmented reality, manufacturing, setting up e-commerce channels and social media marketing.

The calendar features internationally celebrated personalities from various fields like Lata Mangeshkar, Vishwanathan Anand, Homi Bhabha, Raja Ravi Varma, Sudha Murty and many more. You can find more features about the calendar on the Novacards Store.

In February of 2020, the calendar successfully sold out from our online store within 6 weeks from its launch.

Nova Calendar is the first product by Novacards India. Find out more about Novacards here.

Here’s a list of the collaborators and their contribution to the project:

  1. Anushri Desai – Illustrations + Product Design & Development
  2. Shreya Bhat – Development for Augmented Reality + Website Development
  3. Sukhada Yogi – Graphic Design + Product Packaging
  4. Snehal Pophale – Graphic Design + Product Packaging
  5. Atharva Apte – Product Photography + Promotional Videos
  6. Rushank Ballal – Product Design + Product & Contextual Renders
  7. Harsh Ignatius – 3D Modelling + Rigging & Animation
  8. Manali Jamkar – Research + Content writing
  9. Shrish Hardas – Content writing + Sales