47 Days of Devanagari Type

Work Type: Self-Initiated

Year: 2019


47 days of Devanagari Type Challenge is the Indian sibling to the internationally popular 36 Days of (Latin) Type Challenge. It is an Instagram-based challenge that promotes self-development for artists and designers who are interested in Devanagari Type.

My love for Indic type was not new. I had been experimenting with letterforms for quite a while. I had also recently completed my internship at Ek Type, and there I had been exposed to different methodologies of exploring letterforms. One of the key skillsets necessary for a type designer is having a good control over Bézier curves of a vector.

With that, I took part in the 2019 edition of the challenge with three major objectives in mind:

  1. Trying to imagine letterforms beyond the limitations of my visual memory.
  2. Improving my vector-editing skills by digitising these letterforms.
  3. Getting hands-on experience on Glyphs App, the font-design software.

Many of my digital explorations were featured on the official page of 47 Days of Devanagari Type. You can take a look at them here.

I was also recently featured in the Type of India catalogue on Instagram. Have a look here.


Hover on each image to get a closer look at the bézier construction of the letter!

I decided to further make a series from Devanagari vowels with above-base and below-base matras.